We believe that our work should speak for itself, but sometimes it might just be easier to trust and relate to the opinions of others who have had struggles similar to yours. Here’s what satisfied clients (who are currently studying in/ have already) are saying about us:

Listen to What Our Students say about us

- Nuzhat Anzum Rahman

- Faisal Al Rashid

- Kazi Innamul Haque Sayed

- Rakib Hassan

- Shnajida Islam Chowdhury

- Sheikh Shiffat

- Md. Reaz Uddin.

- 14 Years anniversary wish from Zakia Laila Islam

- 14 Years anniversary wish from Abdullah Al Wasif

- Hasibul Hasan Rifat

- Tasnim Azrin

Hello I am Tasnim and I have got my admission in University of Adelaide in Bachelor of Biomedical Science with scholarship. Throughout my application ,admission and visa application, PFEC Global have helped me a lot .In my opinion, PFEC Global is very supportive and cares a lot about their every students.I have got my admission and visa so quickly with their immense dedication.

- Touhidul Alam

I’ve got my Australian student VISA with the help of PFEC Global. Their service was amazing, I was not the easiest case but they handled it professionally and I got enrolled to the exact university I wanted. The best thing about their service was they never gave me any false hope, always maintained their schedule and kept their promises. I am sure all of their case workers are good but I will personably recommend my case worker Nasrin Ruma apu. I wish PFEC growth and prosperity.

- Siffat jr

If u want to start your dream somewhere pfec global would be a perfect choice.I got my visa today of Australia.The counsellors helped me a lot through out the proses.Its the first step to achieving my dream and pfec global made it easy.I would highly recommend pfec global.

- Rafia Sanjida Chowdhury

Hi I’m Rafia Sanjida Chowdhury and I have joined Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne Australia with 75% International Student Scholarship through PFEC Global. PFEC team and especially my counsellor has helped me throughout the whole process and they were very supportive. I got my visa on 1st March and I would like to thank PFEC Global for their great service.

- Rashed Mahmud Mahmud

A place with trust and hope. I have excellent experience. I should suggest everyone looking for study abroad. They are very helpful and supportive.

- Faisol Ahmed

Most professional and friendly organisation in the industry, specially in Bangladesh. Important thing what facinated me is that they dealt individual customer with utmost care having good knowledge what is going on around. Thanks for the informations, suggestions and support.

- MD Reaz

Today i got my visa Alhamdulillah, all credit goes to PFEC Global. They take no fee at all and they helped me with everything from starting off my offer letter to my visa application and also after visa procedures and travel prospect. Thank you PFEC you made my prosper come true within this pandemic situation which wasnt able for me doing it alone. The best part was when they interacted with me during lockdown through zoom and said me what to do and also they helped me with my IELTS examination. I never thought to get a trustworthy foreign councilling agency in Bangladesh and that also all services for free. Thank you sooooo much PFEC you where the supporting angle of my prosper. Best agency please visit and rest you will get to know within yourself.

- Innamul Sayed

I am very glad to inform that I got my student visa today. PFEC Global has been a great help with all the timely necessary instructions and I feel great to get such an opportunity with an international scholarship. PFEC Global is really a trusted educational agency to materialise your dream of studying abroad.

- Shah Md. Taqmir Saadullah

They helped me through my international admission and visa process. My consultant was very helpful and patiently helped me through the process. Recommended.

- Amirul Munaz

If you want to study or migrate abroad, I think PFEC is your best option. They won’t treat you as a client, they will treat you as family. Lots of love for PFEC

- Nasif Sayeed

An excellent education agency whose prime focus is the guidance of aspiring students who want to study abroad. The country director Ms. Fareha Begum is very passionate about the students and the entire team is very helpful. By the grace of the Almighty, I received the fully funded VC scholarship from Deakin University for studying Master of Engineering and throughout the application process I received valuable guidance from PFEC global. My student counsellor,Ms. Nasrin Ruma was available for help whenever I need. I would highly recommend PFEC Global for students who wish to fulfill their dreams for studying abroad.

- Ab Wasif

If you want to go abroad to study and to fulfill your dreams I strongly recommend you to go with PFEC Global. With their guidance and assistance I am sure you will succeed. Even in this Pandemic situation I got my student VISA grant to Australia because of their active response and inducement. They have an amazing team of councillors specially Mr. Shohag Ali who helped me a lot along the way when I was so frustrated for my academics and VISA. Nevertheless they’re your true companions to get you into a reputed institution. Thanks

- Ador Hakim

I would like to thank PFEC GLOBAL and my counsellor MD.ALI SHOHAG via for their amazing work nd making my dream come true

- Rifah Ibnat

Excellent and very professional service. Very much helpful and friendly behaviour of the staffs. Highly recommend them.

- Towhid Ul Haq

I got my Australian student visa in 20 days. They guided me to the right way and suggested me every possibilities. I am so much grateful to Nasrin Akter Ruma apu of PFEC Global. It has been a nice ride with PFEC.

- Sahira Nur

I’ve got Australian student visa within 15 days through PFEC Global and I had great experience with them. Special thanks to Nasrin Akter Ruma as she was very confident in every step. Her friendly behaviour and work efficiency helped me from the very beginning of my application process to end. I highly recommend PFEC Global for Australia.

- Reyad Adnan

Had a great experience with them. The consultants are incredibly helpful and friendly. Shohag Vai is one of the most experienced person, He help me a lot, My Hsc was 2018, So I have a huge study gap. They help me to overcome this problem, And finally I got my Visa for 2020 Feb intake University-southern cross University Campus-sydney. Thanks to pfec global❤️

- Nousheen Islam

I was looking through all the agencies before making sure to put my trust in the right one. The councilors are extremely helpful and professional in their approach at PFEC Global. Alhamdulillah I got my visa to study at UTS. I’m grateful and wish them all the very best in their future endeavors.

- Tasneem Tarafdar

They were very patient and helpful throughout my entire university application process from start to the end. I would highly recommend if someone is seeking for guidance to study abroad to contact them.

- Nilufa Yasmin

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Almighty Allah l have got my Australian student visa to finish my higher studies. And without any doubt, PFEC Global is the best education consultancy which help me to fulfill my dream. My younger sister and I have got student visas through their support and friendly behavior. I especially thank Shohag baiya who is very friendly and Co-operative.

- Faiza Humaira

Had a great experience with them. The consultants are incredibly helpful and friendly. The entire process went on very smoothly and swiftly due to their guidance.

- Rubaiat Rashid

I cannot say enough good things about PFEC. It’s been a year since I got connected with them. They helped me apply for my university with precision so that there is no scope of mistakes. Shohag Bhai worked really hard and did a fabulous job. So finally few days back I got my student visa. Which is why I would say, they are a very reliable source to look up to for anyone who is looking forward to study abroad.

- Rubaiat Rashid

I cannot say enough good things about PFEC. It’s been a year since I got connected with them. They helped me apply for my university with precision so that there is no scope of mistakes. Shohag Bhai worked really hard and did a fabulous job. So finally few days back I got my student visa. Which is why I would say, they are a very reliable source to look up to for anyone who is looking forward to study abroad.

- Md Robin Hossen

Today I have taken my student visa. At first I would like to address the name of Allah who has made it possible. Secondly,I am addressing the name of PFEC GLOBAL. I am giving special thanks to MD ALI SHOHAG vai who was my counselor and helped me best. I have never seen such a sincere person like him and an effective team like #PFEC GLOBAL. I strongly suggest every student to meet the agent to be successful.

- Sharoj Amin Sikder

Thank you so much PFEC Global for being so helpful. I was all at sea before coming here. The environment over here is blissful and the people working here are highly professional and helpful. I would love to thank Fareha Miss and Istiaque Kaisar Sir for being so friendly and helpful. I am surely mesmerized by their tremendous effort and dedication towards the betterment of a student’s future. Thank you once again.❤❤

- Rahul Ahmed Sezan Ras

Best in Bangladesh…I already visited all the agency but finally I am satisfied by them

- Deepta Dibakar

I am really impressed by the service of PFEC. All of the counsellors and other officials were helpful from the beginning to the end. They really give their 100% and have good knowledge about their work. I assure everyone else will also feel that they are a place of trust and efficiency.

- Rashik Raiyan

I really had a wonderful experience in PFEC Global. They were really helpful and cooperative. I highly recommend this agency to those students who have no idea regarding which universities and states to choose which will benefit them the most.

- Shariar Istiaque Anik

PFEC Global is one of the best organization in Bangladesh. If anybody wish to study Australia or Canada or Migration, I would like to recommend to go PFEC Global. Their counselors are best, Professional, Cordial, Friendly and most importantly, they are very helpful. Agents are very helpful and fast, achieved all my desires from PFEC Global. The counselors give their best effort to the work. The most important thing you can trust this organization. Soon I will go to Australia & my counselor helped me a lot through this journey. All thanks to PFEC Global and my counselor.

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