Visa Requirements for International Students in Canada

If you are a Bangladeshi student with dreams of pursuing higher education in Canada, then getting your Visa is a very important milestone.

If you have already applied to your university and course of choice, and want concrete information about visa requirements, then this is the right place to be! Here you will find out details about what type of visa you will need to live in Canada as an international student.

Getting Visa in Canada is quite simple. The applicant only needs to get a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and a Study Permit to pursue an education in Canada.

What is a Study Permit?

Foreigners who wish to go to Canada for educational purposes need to get a study permit. It is a document issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that allows the holder to study in the country.

Holders of study permits must remain enrolled in their course(s). They also need to ensure they make good progress and complete all the courses in due time. The study permit always goes hand in hand with:

  • A visitor visa
  • An Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA

Remember that these two documents have different purposes. The ETA/ visitor visa allows holders to get into Canada, and a study permit gives them permission to study in Canada.

If you are still confused, then do not worry. Here at PFEC Global, we have consultants with years of experience under their belts to enrich your minds with all the information you will need.

Required Documents To Apply For Study Permit

Before you apply for your study permit for Canada, there are some things you will need to have:

  1. A Letter of Acceptance from a DLI (Designated Learning Institution)
  2. Your passport/ travel document that is still valid
  3. Two recent passport-sized photos
  4. Letter of explanation
  5. Proof of funds to support yourself/ any dependents to go with you to Canada (you need to check the website of IRCC to see how much money your account needs to show)

When you apply for a study permit, you will need to pay 150 CAD as processing fees.

Expenses You Need to Consider

You must possess enough money to pay for the following:

  • A Letter of Acceptance from a DLI (Designated Learning Institution)
  • Cost of accommodation for you and your dependents going to Canada
  • Return airfare for you and your dependents who accompanied you to Canada

Return airfare for you and your dependents who accompanied you to Canada

Once you have the study permit, you should apply for the TRV or Visitor visa to Canada. To be eligible, you have to meet the following criteria:

  1. A clean criminal record and the proof of being a law-abiding citizen who is NOT a threat to Canada’s national security (A police certificate will be necessary)
  2. Have a clean bill of health (Candidates will need to take medical exams from authorized practitioners)
  3. Documents of funds to support yourself and your accompanying dependents (if you have any)
  4. Proof of English Language proficiency (required band scores will differ depending on the level of study, course, and institution)
  5. Biometric scan reports along with fees for visa services and biometric scanning services

The above list contains most of the documents that you will be required to submit at the initial stage. However, if you still want some clarification, come to us at PFEC Global—we will go through your entire profile and determine what you will precisely need to prepare before handing in your visa application.

Easy to Apply Online

Applying for the visa is now more convenient than ever because you can simply submit your visa application online through the official website of IRCC. Students may apply up to 3 months before their scheduled departure to Canada.

Benefits of Online Application

Even if you fill out your application form way ahead of time, your application date is considered only when the payment is complete. Aside from the online application process being more efficient, it has some other significant advantages such as:

  1. Faster & more efficient process of application submission because there will not be any time loss due to courier or mail delivery
  2. Always submit a complete application (the website will not accept incomplete applications and will immediately let you know if you have missed any information)
  3. You can submit your documents when you wish, without having to rush or worry
  4. Your application status updates will be sent to you through regular emails

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