Is IELTS mandatory for international students to study in Canada?

If you plan to pursue higher education in the world’s top study destinations, such as the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, you have to provide English proficiency test scores of IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, or other tests for visa and admission procedure. IELTS is a globally accepted language proficiency test recognised by the top countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. And it becomes more significant if you want to study in Canada as every university has set IELTS score limits for international students for admission. However, several universities and colleges accept alternatives for IELTS, such as PTE.

Factors You Need to Consider while Choosing a University in Canada

Canada has become one of the most preferred destinations for higher education. Cultural diversity, a quality lifestyle, and safety are among many factors that thousands of students take a lead on while enrolling into Canadian universities for a prosperous future. If you have decided to pursue your further education at a Canadian university, then here are a few crucial factors you need to consider.

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