Perth: The Regional City Full of Promises

According to a recent announcement made by the Federal Government of Australia, Perth has now been reclassified into a “regional area” for international students. This step has been taken in order to allow international students to experience the multifaceted attractions that Perth has had to offer, be it nature, the variety of events always taking place, and/or the numerous places to visit and activities to partake in.

Tips to Help Ensure Improved IELTS Scores

If you are a bilingual international student whose first language is not English, then IELTS is one of the most important tests that you will take. Not only is it necessary to show your level of English proficiency, but for many, it will also serve as a stepping stone towards improving overall communication skills.

How to Apply For A Scholarship to Study in Australia

For most people living anywhere around the world, it is considered to be a great privilege to be able to study in a country that has high-quality education and state-of-the-art technology to encourage the use of the best learning practices across various streams. Bangladeshi students who wish to go overseas to receive higher education will most often opt to go to Australia than anywhere else; partly because their weather and climate quite closely resembles ours, and also because of the world-class education and numerous part-time and full-time job opportunities available there.

Why Regional Australia Might Be The Best Fit For Bangladeshi Students

Growing up as Bangladeshis, many amongst us dream of going abroad to study their favorite subjects—particularly to give themselves the best chance to shine in their respective fields, be trained using state-of-the-art technology and tools. Amidst all of the countries favoured by Bangladeshis for higher education, Australia has certainly held supreme reign since the very beginning. With its lush green countryside, the huge stretches of outback, large cities and small towns, Australia promises diversity both in terms of geography, and in terms of educational institutions and facilities that can be availed as international students.

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