Since the mid 1990’s, Bangladeshi students have always seen Australia as one of the best destinations for studying abroad. Amongst the many reasons for this choice would be the mild weather similar to that of Bangladesh, along with a wide array of cultures and experiences available there. Perhaps one of the key factors that strengthened this decision for a majority of students is the large number of part-time jobs available there; whether it is in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin or Canberra. Typically, full-time undergrad or postgrad students are allowed a maximum of 20 hours per week to work on or off-campus; this might differ for research students in certain cases. However, during annual or seasonal breaks, students with work visas are allowed to work full-time. It is always a good idea to go for jobs which you know you would be able to manage well (perhaps having prior experience in it). But if you think you would like to enhance your existing skill set and add to your current resume, then it would be better to look for employment in an industry that allows you to achieve your goal. For example, if you are a Business or Engineering student who has taken a foreign language like Spanish or German as an elective course (as a part of your degree requirements); and you have some expertise in the language, you could tutor students willing to learn the language in your spare time (within the allocated 20 hours). This is probably the only part-time job (tutoring students) which requires some pre-existing skills related to the job; most other employment opportunities are fairly flexible and allow for quick and easy on-the-job training for fresh recruits. Other than tutoring, there is an array of jobs in which international students do remarkably well. For example, if you are a people person and are great at socializing and networking with others, working in the tourism or hospitality industries may suit you very well. You can work in hotels, restaurants, bakeries and cafes—usually in a number of different capacities. If you can mingle with other multicultural group, it will help you to get jobs in Australia. International students usually work as busboys, dishwashers, servers, cook’s assistants, cleaners etc. Servers and busboys often earn quite a bit of extra cash in tips; which is why many students opt for those options over others in these industries. One crucial thing to remember is that as a student working part-time, there are certain things that you will be entitled to; such as work insurance (in case of work-related accidents and emergencies) called worker’s compensation. Like other full-time workers in Australia, you will be able to enjoy certain rights at work, such as:
  1. Rest periods and scheduled breaks
  2. A safe, clean and healthy work environment
  3. A basic minimum wage (which amounts to around AUD 19 per hour)
  4. Challenging of unfair termination from the job (if done)
Retail is another industry that is always looking to hire young people, and many Bangladeshi students often go into this sector; particularly because it requires little to no prior knowledge of the required skills. You can work as a cashier, bagger, stacker, or even in taking inventory, especially if numbers are your strong suit. Other industries that have lucrative part-time job opportunities for students are agriculture, sales and telemarketing, and administration/clerical jobs. As a student, what you have to ensure is that a part-time job does not hinder you real purpose there—which is to study and earn a degree. Before you take any job; first consider the workload (and whether you will be able to balance it with your studies and social life), the atmosphere (whether it is something you can adjust to) and finally, whether this job will help you earn some extra pocket money while enriching your resume with additional skills.
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