Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for South-East Asian students. Business, computer science and IT, hospitality and tourism, medicine and healthcare, engineering, biotechnology, and life sciences are some of the top courses offered by Canadian universities to international students.

There are different types of scholarships available for international students in Canada, including Government Scholarships, Non-Government Scholarships, and Institutional Scholarships. Students can get scholarships based on academic excellence, language proficiency, and financial needs. Here are some of the top universities to apply for a scholarship.

Humber University


Humber University offers entrance scholarships for Graduate Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma for students who join in September, January, and May academic intakes for their 1st semester of study. Students get CAD 2,000 off their tuition fees over their first two semesters.

Lakehead University


Lakehead University offers scholarships based on Academic Average (Canadian Equivalent) and IB Average for the top international students applying for the year 2022-2023.

Georgian University



At Georgian University, students are selected for the scholarships or awards based on community involvement, financial needs, academic achievements, and sports and athletics. CAD 1,000 is the average value of a scholarship or award at the university.

Ryerson University


The university has over CAD 4 million designated for entrance scholarship support for international students attending and completing studies at a Canadian secondary school, with final averages of 80% and higher, and meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Benefits for the Students with Scholarship:


Students receiving scholarships in Canada have several benefits over those who don’t. Here is the list of top benefits for students with scholarships.

  • Financial assistance
  • It allows you to focus on study and career goals
  • It helps you with getting admission to the university of your choice
  • It makes your resume effective
  • Doing part-time jobs while studying is not mandatory
  • It enables you to find a job easily in the future

Future Career Outcome with PSW:


Several courses can help you find a job after completing your studies. However, South-East Asian students, who want to start their career in Canada and settle there, choose Personal Support Worker (PSW) with its several branches. The course helps students develop and strengthen collaboration skills and be efficient members of the healthcare system.

As a PSW professional, you can expect to have advantageous career experience. As a professional, you can find a job at home-care agencies, long-term palliative care facilities, or retirement and assisted living communities. It also allows you to work at diverse locations.

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