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PFEC Global is a leading education and migration agency headquartered in Melbourne (Australia) and has offices in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Bridgeben and in Dhaka (Bangladesh), Chittagong (Bangladesh). PFEC Global has partnerships with over 250 different quality education providers. As PFEC Global are education agents of so many educational institutions and universities, this allows our education counselors the flexibility to help clients obtain the best quality of education tailored to their meritorious and financial abilities. Our experienced education counselors guide our clients in reaching their educational and career goals. We provide help to students by taking responsibility for their entire application and admission process, including advising which course to study, and what documentation they need for their admission processes. Our expert education consultants can also apply and obtain credits for students based on their past education qualifications and extensive job experience through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

In Australia and international study destinations such as Canada, UK, USA and Malaysia, students often must pass an integrity test that students who are coming to study consider education and studies as their primary purpose for travelling, and not to maintain ongoing residency. To help students who might struggle with understanding or meeting the requirement, we also check the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) eligibility by considering following issues before sending applications to the providers:

  • Relevance of the course to the student’s past or proposed future employment either in their home country or across the world.
  • Students with study gap of more than two years after completing High School or Bachelor’s degree are not considered for selection unless: They provide sufficient evidence and intent for their study, such as selecting a course that would significantly increase the applicant’s employment ability upon return to their home country.
  • Financial circumstances of the students are verified and detailed information of the sponsor for the applicant is required for selection.

Students can rest assured that our team of dedicated counsellors will support them each step of the way and ensure their application for colleges, institutions, and universities are complete, and that students successfully get admission in their desired education institution and course.

Admission Service

PFEC Global is an official Representative of institutes across the world. This gives us the opportunity to allow students to meet Institute Representatives both in our onshore and offshore offices face-to-face for an interactive session. We are regularly organizing expo in our onshore and offshore offices for students to get admissions to renowned Universities and educational institutions.

We also regularly organize seminars where educational institutions and universities participate and provide information sessions to students followed by question-and-answer sessions and on-spot admission for potential candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top universities of Australia/ Canada/UK/USA/Malaysia you’re working with?

We have more than 250 universities under our portal. We work with the top universities of Canada/Australia/UK/Malaysia/USA as well.

How much fees you take for the file processing?

We do not charge any kind of processing/application or Visa processing fees. Our services for our students are completely free.

Do you take any fees for visa processing?

We do not charge for Application and VISA processing fees for the universities and colleges under our portal. You have to pay first semester tuition fees of your desired institution. The amount depends on the course and institution you choose.

Without IELTS score or any English proficiency test, is there any University I can apply?

We recommend applying with an English proficiency test score such as IELTS/PTE.

I have study gap. Can I apply in Australia/ Canada/UK/USA/Malaysia for study?

Yes, you can apply but it depends on the universities If they allow with the study gap. There are universities who allow the study gap. Please fill out our form with the required details our expert education counsellor will contact with you after reviewing your details.

I have completed SSC. Can I apply for Higher Secondary School in Canada/Australia/UK/USA/Malaysia?

You can apply for the Foundation Courses available in Canada/Australia/UK/Malaysia/USA. However, we recommend to apply after completing your Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC).

What kind of migration services are provided by you? I want to go Canada with my family. Can you help in this regard?

Our migration services are currently closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. We will soon reopen this service. Please keep in touch with us.

Is there any opportunity for full funded scholarship in Masters?

Yes, there are full funded scholarships are available. To get 100% scholarship, you must have good academic result and involvement in extra-curricular activities. But you can definitely apply.

I have poor CGPA in my Graduation/Masters Can I get scholarship with the result?

Yes, you can apply for the scholarship but this will vary depending on the subject and university.


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