Soar Into A Bright Future With The Help Of A Student Visa Consultant In Chittagong

With a world-class education system, Australia is a popular choice for international students to complete or commence their studies. Add to this cultural diversity, good prospects for employment and relatively hassle-free migration processes and it’s easy to see why the country is so appealing to those seeking education and career.

To legally study and live in Australia, you need a Student visa. However, the process of completing and submitting an application without professional assistance can be both overwhelming and counterproductive. With help from a PFEC Bangladesh student visa consultant in Dhaka or Chittagong, you could be well on your way to successful educational migration in no time!

How An Australian Student Visa Application Works

Year after year, the Australian Home Affairs Department receives an influx of subclass 500 student visa applications from students who wish to study abroad. These thousands of applications are processed using the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF), which came into effect on 1 July 2016, which is a guideline for assessing each application.

Applicants are placed into two categories, namely “regular” and “streamlined” – each with its number of requirements to be met. The main difference between the two is that prospective students assessed under the former category have to prove English proficiency and financial capacity, while students under the latter don’t.

The SSVF consolidates student visa application processes, meaning that applicants only need to submit a single application, irrespective of the educational sector or institution that they’ve applied to. Applications are offered online, making the process paperless and easier to track. It’s simple to complete, provided you have a knowledgeable study visa consultant in Dhaka from the PFEC Bangladesh team helping you.

A Student visa permits individuals aged six and above to study at schools and higher learning institutions in the country. Once a student visa is granted, the holder is allowed to register for a full-time school or higher education course, work a limited number of hours per week (if they’re of working age) and stay in Australia for the duration of their studies.

Meet The Requirements: What Are The Yardsticks For Eligibility?

  • Proof Of Enrolment:

Before you submit a Student visa application, you’re expected to have applied and been accepted to an Australian educational institution. Correspondence that confirms acceptance, such as an offer letter or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is required upfront.

  • Financial Capacity:

Applicants must be able to prove that they can pay for tuition and accommodation with legal documentation.

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant Test:

The test aims to double-check each applicant’s real motivation for applying to study in Australia. The officer assigned to you will determine whether your intention to study is sincere or a ploy to live in the country and advance other interests.

  • Health, Character & Insurance:

Each applicant undergoes health and character examinations and must provide proof of adequate health insurance for the duration of their intended stay as well.

  • Parental Consent & Welfare Arrangements:

For minors migrating to Australia for studies unaccompanied, a 1229 consent form must be completed, and proof of welfare and accommodation must be produced.

  • Qualification & Employment History:

Applicants must provide proof of past qualifications obtained and jobs held in the past.

English Language Test Score

Applying for such a visa can seem daunting, but an experienced Student visa consultant in Chittagong or Dhaka can make your application process stress-free. Call us on +880 1730785456 (Dhaka) or +880 1730785463 (Chittagong) today.

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