PFEC Global specialises in Education advice and is one of the leading education consultants in Australia. PFEC Global has the partnership with over 130 different quality educational institutions and universities in Australia which allows our education counsellors the flexibility to help clients obtain the best quality of education tailored to their meritorious and financial abilities. Our experienced education visa agents guide our clients in reaching their educational and career goals. We provide help to students by taking responsibility for their entire application and admission process, including advising which course to study, and what documentation they need for their admission processes. Our expert education consultants can also apply and obtain credits for students based on their past education qualifications and extensive job experience through recognition of prior learning (RPL).

In Australia and international study destinations, students often must pass an integrity test that students who are coming to study consider education and studies as their primary purpose for traveling, and not to maintain ongoing residency. To help students who might struggle with understanding or meet the requirement, we also check the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) eligibility by considering following issues before sending applications to the providers:

  • The relevance of the course to the student’s past or proposed future employment either in their home country or across the world.
  • Students with study gap of more than two years after completing High School or Bachelor’s degree are not considered for selection unless: They provide sufficient evidence and intent for their study, such as selecting a course that would significantly increase the applicant’s employment ability upon return to their home country.
  • Financial circumstances of the students are verified and detailed information of the sponsor for the applicant is required for selection.

Students can rest assured that our team of dedicated counsellors will support them each step of the way and ensure their application for colleges, institutions, and universities are complete and that students successfully get admission in their desired education institution and course.

Visa Assistance

We have a very committed and hardworking team of visa agents who can assist students properly about applying for a student visa.

We assist our students in the entire application process starting from choosing a university, managing paperwork, filling up application forms, consulting financial feasibility, and preparing other necessary documents. We also advise career path and give educational guidance. If needed, we also take mock interviews and mock tests to help students fully prepare for the visa process.

For more information about student visa, please check our student visa page.

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