Funding for International Students in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) is amongst the most prime destinations for international students to pursue higher education. With scenic landscapes, historic sites, and amazing places to visit—the UK is where many Bangladeshi students dream of going to for higher education. Sadly, many of these dreams and plans aren’t brought to life because of the staggering tuition fees in the UK, restricting a handful of international students from applying in the first place. However, what eludes the grasp of most people is that the UK has lots of funding opportunities available in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and grants; and many of these are open to international students!

Before you apply for any scholarship/award, make sure you check the respective website for official announcements stating eligibility, criteria, timelines, and closing dates. Usually, most scholarships will require you to have an excellent academic standing. Other factors like extracurricular activities and volunteering will also often give you the additional edge against your prospective competitors. Depending on the scholarship you are applying for, there might be additional aspects that could help decide your fate.

University/institution-specific scholarships constitute for scholarships of varying amounts, depending on the availability of funds and the type of award in question. It is always advised to apply for the scholarship even before you have applied for your course or at least at the same time; So you have at least 8-12 months in hand prior to the intake. This is to allow yourself enough time to work on all processes of applying for funding. Should you feel like you get stuck on any portion of the process, we, at PFEC, have experienced consultants to help sort out any issues you may experience.

If you are an international student from Bangladesh applying to the UK, there are a number of government scholarships that you can apply for. Here are a few of them:

1. Chevening:

Amongst all the scholarships, Chevening is considered to be one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the entire world. It is given to show appreciation for gifted young professionals who have successfully displayed management skills and have also had outstanding performances in their respective field(s) of work. The Chevening scholarship is one that will allow you to apply for either a fellowship or a scholarship. In Bangladesh, the applicants for this reputed scholarship are chosen by the British High Commission in Dhaka.

2. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC):

The CSC in the UK offers a wide range of fellowships and scholarships to students from Commonwealth countries. If you are from Bangladesh and wish to apply to the UK for a postgraduate or doctoral degree, you can try to make the best use of this scholarship by using it to help fund your higher education. Check their website to specifically look for scholarships for students from low and/or middle-income countries that you could be eligible to apply for.

There are many other scholarships provided by NGOs, INGOs, and even universities in the UK; you just need to know where to look for them. For instance, The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is available for students applying to the University of Cambridge. Likewise, there are other public/private universities that hand out funding under various scenarios. You can directly get in touch with the Dean of your program for further information.

In case all of this is still too overwhelming, contact PFEC Global today to help answer all your queries and start walking towards your dream of pursuing higher education in the UK today!

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